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Calculate the load of Apollo products in any circuit with this free program
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Modern fire-detection equipment can put a considerable load into electric circuits, so the calculation of such load is recommended and even mandatory in many countries. Apollo Fire Detectors is a British company that manufactures and distributes this type of equipment and, as a service for its customers, it also offers a free program that allows users to calculate the load of a given set of components in the electric circuit. The program is very light and easy to use. You only need to select the type of control panel that you will use, give a name to your installation site, and set the parameters of each circuit or loop. By clicking on the 'Details' button of each loop, a secondary interface will appear, allowing you to enter the number of devices that you will use in your installation, as well as the type of cable and the devices distribution. Also, you can add other devices such as isolation bases, sounders and so on. Once you have entered all the necessary data, the program will calculate automatically the load on the circuit. Also, the program allows you to calculate the maximum cable run and the minimum cable size for your installation, and also print the report for using it as a reference. It will be a very useful program for you if you design fire-detection installation and use the products offered by Apollo. Otherwise, its usefulness is limited.

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